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The Half-Moon Cay Cruise Services.

Half-moon cay is one of the seven hundred islands that make up the archipelago of the Bahamas. The location of Half-moon cay is between Eleuthera and Cat island and it’s a privately owned island by Holland America Line which is used as a port of call for the cruise ships. The main activities offered in the island include; sun bathing, scuba diving, swimming, deep sea fishing, jet skiing, cycling and snorkeling.

The mode of underwater diving whereby the diver uses self- contained underwater breathing apparatus which is completely independent of surface supply to breathe underwater is known as scuba diving. As compared to surface applied divers scuba divers carry their own source of breathing gas which is usually compressed air that allows great independence and freedom of movement.

The application of scuba diving professionally is used in scientific, military and public safety roles. The main purpose of jet skiing is for recreational purposes which is the use of a personal water craft. Not only does snorkeling involve the use of a diving mask that is a shaped breathing tube called a snorkel but also the use of swim fins is used as it’s a practice of swimming on or through a body of water. As swimmers face down they are able to breathe quite well as the snorkeler is able to advocate for this and also they are able to observe underwater attractions for extended periods with relatively little effort. The applications of snorkeling include; spearfishing, underwater hockey, fin swimming, scuba diving and breath-hold diving.

Basketball and volleyball courts, horseshoes, shuffle boards, horseback riding, a fitness trail with exercise stations and nature trails for hiking are some of the other activities that can be found in the island. Players use cues to push a weighted discs, sending them gliding down a narrow court with the purpose of having them to rest within a marked scoring area this is in the game of shuffle board. Horseshoes is a lawn game played between two people using four horseshoes and throwing targets set in lawn areas in which players alternate in turns. The food in the cruise is free of charge to those going for a cruise in the Half-moon cay island.

Cruise ship tour services have seriously taken advantage of their websites to run their companies in attracting clients to go to Half-moon cay island. Each cruise ship tour company has developed a website that they use to communicate with their clients consistently without leaving the outside world too.

From these websites also clients are able to see completed projects of a cruise ship tour company which acts as testimonials. Customers have the opportunity of commenting on the quality of services received when they went on a cruise to the island.

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