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Periodontal Procedures That Dentists Use

Dentistry is a medical field that deals with the study, diagnosis, prevention and finally treatment of diseases that deal with the oral cavity. The mouth is part of the human body that is very important in survival of a human being. This makes it very important for you to keep it in a very healthy and good condition. A dentist it the professional who deals with diseases of the oral cavity. Most of the procedures in the oral cavity done by the dentist always involve minor surgeries to help with removal of the unwanted things in the mouth. The following are some of the periodontal procedures that are advanced and are used by dentists in the medical field to treat the oral cavity.

Gum grafts is a common remedy that dentists do use as a remedy for diseases that affect the gum in a very bad way. It is done to a person when the roots of a tooth have been exposed due to gum recession. This procedure involves the process of removing gum tissues from the palates of on your body and using these palates to cover the teeth that have been exposed on your mouth. In cases where you do not have enough gum tissues the dentist will get them from other sources. By covering the roots of the tooth, it will help with reducing sensitivity of the tooth and also to prevent it from decaying. This is also good in preventing gum recession and also prevent bone loss.

Scaling and root planning are some of the examples of non surgical procedures in the periodontal procedure performed by dentists. This non surgical procedure will involve the scraping and removal tartar and plaques that exists on your teeth. It entails even removing it from the root of the teeth. This process will be finished by smoothing of the scraped surface. It does not take a single visit to the dentist to complete this procedure. In addition during the process some anesthetic is used that is administered through injection of the gums.

Pocket reduction process is also another dentistry procedure. This is a procedure that is done after the scraping and root planning has been done. This is because after such procedures the gum tissues might not be able to fit as they were before around the teeth. This is because of the deep pocket areas that have been formed on oral cavity. The deep pocket tissues get to be reduced with a surgical process that is well known as flap surgery. This procedure will involve folding of the gums. This will enable the hidden bacteria that was hidden under the gum to be exposed and be cleaned well. The dentist will also smoothening the damaged bones hence allowing the gum tissues to reattach with the bone well.

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